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Gilbert Beilschmidt
16 April 2010 @ 12:12 pm
[Continued with teuton_pru.  Of course, this means shota.]

[However with all of his petting his hands drew closer to his inner thighs. . . .]
This Place Is: "Restaurant Prussia"
These Feelings Are: hornyhorny
That Sound Is: [Super Mario - Overworld]
Gilbert Beilschmidt
[Continued with playswithbulls]

Gilbert was conflicted--he wanted to fuck around with Spain but he also wanted to finish eating the delicious churros.  Food or sex?

Well, his clever mind which worked best in sexual situations, battles, sometimes as he ate, and sometimes when he was half awake(and asleep if you could get him to understand what you were saying) told him that he could always do both.  And it was a grand idea, so he took the Spaniard upstairs to his room, a mess as it tended to be, but not too much of a mess that he couldn't get to his bed, bowl of chocolate and bowl of churros in one arm, Spain's wrist in his other hand.
This Place Is: My room
These Feelings Are: hungryhungry and horny
That Sound Is: [Stephanie Beard - The Real Sugar Baby]