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To Me It's What We Do When We're Bored

Gilbert Beilschmidt
18 January
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Retaining The Pride Of The Past
Reaching For The Power Of The Future

Usually seen with a grin on his face and a bird on his head(or some other animal close by to him, going unnoticed), Prussia is loud, careless, a bit stupid, arrogant, gluttonous, stubborn, a heavy drinker, lazy, and childish, especially with his tenancy to get into trouble or be destructive. Should you notice birds and hear laughter, he's nearby, and oft causing mischief. He's a bit of a social recluse, as he isn't very good at socializing with people. In fact, he's displayed the tenancy to fail at many tasks, including simple ones, much of the time because he sneezes, causing him to get distracted from or lose interest in the endeavor. Persistence and encouragement, however, shows that he can be quite good at things, if he wants to. Beneath his exterior, Prussia is serious, strict, intelligent, and obviously Germany's brother, when you get down to it. In addition, he's actually rather depressed, feeling an empty loneliness from feeling more like an enclave within his brother than a nation. Most people are unaware of this side of him, however, as the way he comes off is a mask that he shows to prevent people from knowing how sad he truly is.

He currently exists as the portion of Germany that was once The German Democratic Republic.
He likes Old Fritz, eating, drinking, cute and soft things, sleeping, manga, and keeping himself amused.
He hates Russia, dying, and secretly hates being alone.
He's afraid of commitment, being humiliated, and abandonment.
His belly is his erogenous zone.

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Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country
-- Minister Friedrich von Schrötter